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AyuFlex® is the latest introduction to Natreon’s product portfolio. AyuFlex is a clinically proven, water‐soluble, vegetarian, organic, non‐GMO product for joint health. AyuFlex is derived from edible fruits of Terminalia Chebula with high concentrations of chebulinic acid and chebulagic acid. It decreases WOMAC & VAS scores and knee swelling index significantly in moderately osteoarthritic subjects. It also increases pain threshold force and pain tolerance force in healthy volunteers.In addition to joint health benefits, AyuFlex® is a super antioxidant with ORACFN value of 36,000 μmoles TE/g and helps improve the endothelial function and lipid profile. It has also shown to decrease the inflammatory biomarker hsCRP and glycosylated hemoglobin.

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