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Cogmaxx™ (Citicoline), also known as cytidine diphosphate-choline, is a potent and efficacious chemical designed to aid in brain function and to ward off mental capacity decline associated with aging. Citicoline is the most thoroughly studied choline agent precursor among the scientific community and is ubiquitously prescribed as a medical/pharmacological drug in most parts of the world.

Citicoline is a completely all-natural substance that is essential to maintain communication between neurons as well as to epistatically regulate proper chemical balance and neuronal metabolism. As we age, Citicoline is more vital than ever due to the progressive decline in neuronal function. Supplementation of Citicoline can help sustain healthy neurological homeostasis as well as give us a much-needed mental boost in an all-natural way.

Citicoline is made of two active components, cytidine, and choline. Once Citicoline is digested and absorbed, the two molecules are liberated, cross the blood-brain barrier and are incorporated as precursors for the production of vital amphipathic phospholipids that are required for proper cognitive function.By having two active components, Citicoline is able to improve neuronal function and utilization in a multifaceted way, including:

  • Maintaining neuronal membrane fluidity and homeostasis.
  • Providing proper balance and production of neurotransmitters (phosphatidylcholine, acetylcholine, dopamine, and noradrenaline).
  • Regulation and improvement of brain metabolism through epistatic regulation of neuronal mitochondria.

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