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More AstaReal and Omega add it in formulation.

Our vision supplement OPTIVITA MAX  contains two Award Winning Ingredients, Lutemax 2020 and  Astareal (Astaxanthin) , Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper, Bilberry extract and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. These essential nutrients may reduce the risk of cataractis  provides antioxidants for the maintenance of eye health
. This premium eye health formula is based off the well known and government agency National Eye Institute AREDS 2 studies. Our AREDS 2 Eye Vitamins with Lutein & Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin  will work best for adults over 50 who want to improve macular health with a comprehensive AREDS2 Eye Vitamins formula. The B.L.U.E. Study showed that macular carotenoids from Lutemax 2020 supplementation have beneficial effects on vision health, performance, sleep quality as well as reducing eye strain and fatigue during long duration exposure to blue light emitting digital screens. Our Eye health formula supports all three macular carotenoids.

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