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The power of Branded ingredients:

 Proof of purity
 History of safe use
 Health Canada regulatory compliance
 Research validation

Branded ingredients allow Product Developers to use all the additional information that branded ingredients have, such as marketing exposure and strong scientific documentation from clinical studies (in vivo and in vitro). Branded ingredients give end consumers the confidence that the product is formulated with care by choosing a superior ingredient backed with scientific documentation.
All our supplements are formulated to deliver the level of support you expect and deserve and are manufactured with high standards of potency , purity and safety.
What do branded ingredients bring to the table? Generally, but not always, branded ingredients are backed by intellectual property in the form of research and patents. The ingredients and the company often have other virtues that help establish trust and credibility as well. Nutritional ingredients supported by clinical research, and protected by intellectual property, offer added value to product developers. As the nutraceuticals industry evolves to meet the growing health needs of consumers, who increasingly demand unquestionable quality and efficacy, branded ingredients will continue to play a fundamental role in the marketplace.
Branding an ingredient conveys that there is substance behind it, and that the company has invested in intellectual property for that ingredient. When consumers take the time to educate themselves, they know there is science and quality backing up a specific ingredient and they will look for that ingredient in their favorite brand or they will look for the brand itself on the packaging. With investments in clinical data, patents and intellectual property (IP) protection, sourcing/quality control measures, and traceability standards, branded ingredient suppliers offer best-in-class raw materials for the industry.

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