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RED ORANGE COMPLEX™ is a standardized powder extract obtained from the juice of three pigmented (Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello) varieties of Sicilian blood orange grown exclusively in a particular area surrounding Europes most active volcano, Mt. Etna.

The activity of ROC has been evaluated in a clinical study carried out:
• on 18 sportsmens and 17 sedentary individuals
• treated with 100 mg/day of ROC
• for 2 months (2 capsules of 50 mg/day)

RED ORANGE COMPLEX™ was able to increase plasma concentration of biomarkers related to the presence of antioxidant endogenous substances (glutathione and its derivatives), such as thiolic groups-SH levels in sportsmen (a). Moreover, it can reduce oxidative stress biomarker values to physiological range, as shown in D-Roms test results (b).

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